Millions Of Windows Users Are Keeping Their PC Healthy Using This One Simple Trick… (And It’s Free!)

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A breakthrough technology for Windows is growing in popularity with internet users in the the U.S, thanks to the huge benefits it has for personal computers. This simple piece of tech can help maintain your device, and keep it running faster for longer, by finding and removing any unwanted codes that could be causing system stress…

Everyone owns a computer these days. They are crucial for our day to day lives, and help us with everything from managing our finances to online shopping. But how many people know how to keep their computer healthy?

We all know the feeling – You buy a brand new PC because your old one is too slow (or not working entirely), only for the new one to start acting strange after a year or so, without any explanation. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you haven’t done anything wrong! It’s actually a build up of cookies, codes, and unwanted files that is dragging your computer down.

This is actually quite normal – and now the solution is easier than ever…

So what if I told you there was a free tool for Windows that could keep your computer clear and healthy, save you money on maintenance fees, and stop you spending on new machines before you need them?

So What Is It?

Its called TotalAV, and it is the latest technology helping users worldwide keep their computers running at full capacity for longer!

Thanks to the Windows trained developers at TotalAV, every user in the UK now has the chance to check over their entire PC system, for FREE! Using the latest in computer technologies, the team at TotalAV have produced an award-winning tool to help users maintain their PC without the need to learn basic computer science.

Since the launch of this incredible deal, millions of Windows users have benefited from the free technology already, and rated it 5★ across Trustpilot!

This deal is certain to not last forever, and we would advise all of our readers to capitalize on this free promotion, while it is still running.

So How Do I Claim My Copy Of This Free Tool & Keep My Computer Healthy?

Simple! Just click the button below to see if the promotion is still ongoing – hit download – and install the tool before running the scheduled scans.

These will run periodically and highlight anything that may cause stress on your system – but don’t worry, it all runs in the background and won’t affect your day to day usage.

Once you use this tool, you can kick back, relax, and let TotalAV take care of your PC, without needing to pay for a new machine – Just make sure you follow their advice!

Edit (May 2023): TotalAV has recently been updated and now contains more features than ever, taking the stress out of computer maintenance! Discover all of the new features and more using the button below. is an independent advertising publisher. This webpage is formatted as an advertorial and is brought to you by An advertorial, is an advertisement that is written in an editorial news format. This is an advertisement and not a news article or may receive compensation for clicks or sales which are produced from this webpage. This compensation may affect the companies listed, along with the views and opinions given. Any information listed may not be applicable in your location.