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The Popular AdBlocking App Just Had It’s Biggest Update Yet…

iPhone users are praising it's fresh approach to making sure you can browse, scroll & watch ad free!

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Matt Jones - Expert On Security - June 2024

We HAD to write again about this product after they released their latest update making it easier than ever to block those annoying ads.

iPhone users across the U.S have noticed a surprise update roll out across the viral “Total Adblock” app with a fresh interface, simple design and more importantly, extra features ensuring social media, video streaming, browsing and more stays uninterupted, forever!

A simple tap now turns on one of the most powerful adblockers on the market; want to dig in a little deeper and customise your level of security? Now you can by with the new “Customise” feature letting you choose what ads (if any) you would like to see.

Add to this you can now protect multiple devices, tablets, computers and more you are suddenly looking at one of the most crucial apps all iPhone users should have in their inventory; not bad for just $1.99 with their latest offer.

Still not sure if you need an Adblocker? Let’s cover what it can do for you and your iPhone…

Millions of iPhone users across the U.S are now receiving their update and you can join in for just $1.99, RISK FREE!

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