Walton G2i photo and price in Bangladesh


This season we are going to present the photos Walton G2i tab and its price in Bangladesh. After a long time, Walton going to release a tab from walpad flagship. The fans of Walton are really anxious about the device. There few function and facility are improve then previous tabs. The company uses the 5-megapixel camera with 1GB ram with the tablet. In fact, the price is also reasonable. Let’s check Walton G2i price in Bangladesh and photos here. Here we also add a short description of the tablet PC.

Walton G2i photos and images

Front panel: on the primary part of the tab you will find a 8 inch IPS display. The display is not protected by any starch protector. On the upper part, there is an earpiece too. Beside the earpiece, there are sensor and notification light. On the bottom panel, there is no navigation button available. The navigation point is available on the screen.

Walton G2i

Back side: let’s come to the back side. There is no figure print sensor on the back part of Walton G2i tab. Back part is built with metal and plastic. There is a 5-megapixel camera are on the back side. Besides the camera, there is a LED flashlight. The speaker is stated on the lower part of the device. The port of headphone and USB are stated on the upper part of the device.

Walton G2i

Walton G2i key feature and advantage:

  • 8 inch sharp and modern display
  • 4000mAh long lasting battery.
  • Powerful sensors are available.
  • DDR3 1GB ram and 16GB device storage are available.
  • 5 megapixel BSI sensor with face detector and other feature.

At the current time, Walton mobile and tab have a great impact in Bangladesh market. They produce few product what are really user-friendly for the market. Walton g2i is one of them. Hope you will like the tab. Thanks for visit tech99news.


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