Teletalk internet setting and set configuration with full detail


At the time in Bangladesh Teletalk is the one of best mobile operator for their internet data service. They provide the service at low cost and they are also the first 3g data provider in Bangladesh. Let’s see how to fixed Teletalk internet setting. We will discuss it at full detail.

How to receive Teletalk internet setting configurations- 

→ Go to the message option of you Teletalk activate handset and, type “SET” then send the sms to 111.
→ After few minute you’ll receive an internet configuration SMS.
→ simply save the configuration settings like other operator with the pin code 1234. Don’t forget to select it as default connection.
→ At last restart the mobile phone and enjoy the faster internet of Teletalk.
→ If your connection is new, don’t forget to activate pay per use internet package. Without active the package you can’t fixed Teletalk internet settings. Just typing REG and sending it to 111.

Teletalk internet setting and set configuration with full detail
Teletalk internet setting detail

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Note –

:: All SMS are totally cost free

::: (For new user) if you don’t on your pay per use package, you can’t get receive the internet settings

:::: Make sure that you select the internet settings as default connection. Otherwise maybe it does not work.

Hope it will clear to you. If you have more query about Teletalk internet setting, please leave a comment below. Or you can call to their customer care at 01550157750 or 01550157760



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