how to take Robi jhotpot balance and pricing


Robi jhotpot balance is a backup system, that when your mobile balance or data become over, then you can use it. Robi user can instant 100 taka or more than 25mb emergency balance by the jhotpot system. The facility was turn on for those time when the main balance over, and it needs to having an important phone call or SMS. Today we going to discuss all about the jhotpot balance system of Robi.

Robi jhotpot balance

Robi jhotpot balance active, use and pricing details

All Robi prepaid subscribers are can get the service. The postpaid user, uddokta, easy load, corporate and SME users are cannot get it.


How to activate /stop Robi jhotpot balance

There are two way to active the jhotpot balance system. You can use SSD code, or go with SMS method. Both are free.

SSD – dial *8811*1*1*1#

SMS – send “START” to 8811


For deactivation the service, dial *8811*1*1*2#. Or send “stop” to 8811. You can check the current status of jhotpot balance by dialing *8811*1*1*3#.


Pricing of the service-

When you get the service once a time, then it will get auto-renew by own. Next time, when you recharge on your connection, that time it will that much money, how much you use from emergency balance.


18% extra charge will also cut as vat and sd charge purpose.


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