Robi 3G or 3.5G Internet Packages For Prepaid and Postpaid (Update September 2017)


Have a great experience of browsing the internet, see buffer less video on YouTube, and faster download with Robi. They offer to their customer different kind of data pack based on use. Those 3g Robi internet packages are starting from 2BDT – 1020 BDT. Let’s select your suitable Robi internet packages from below.

How to active Robi 3.5G Service?

Step-1: At first Dial *666*1#

Step-2: Then Buy any of the 3.5G data packs given below.

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Robi Internet Packages and Pricing 



Speed Limit up to 1Mbps-3Mbps :

• 7MB data for 2tk. Data remaining 1 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*4#

• 25MB data for 6tk. Data remaining 1 days. Activation:  Recharge 6tk

• 45MB data for 10tk. Data remaining 1 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*21#

• 150MB  data for  24tk. Data remaining 7 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*2007#

• 100MB data for 19tk. Data remaining 10 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*10019#

• 175MB data for 33tk. Data remaining 10 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*0175#

• 120MB data for 38.51tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*100# or recharge 46tk

• 300MB data for 75tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*250#

• 600MB data for 140tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*0600#

• 1GB data for 175tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*500# or recharge 209tk

• 2GB data for 264.55tk +vat. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*85# or recharge 316tk

• 3GB data for 377tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*92# or recharge 449tk

• 4.5GB data for 499tk. Data remaining 28 days. Activation: Dial at *8444*4000# or recharge 596tk

•  3% SD + 15% vat + 1% SC will apply for all Robi Internet Packages!

Robi also offers myNet package. In this package, any Robi user can make her own internet bundle as he wants.

Robi offer those validities of myNet package →

1Day, 3Days, 7Days, 10Days & 30Days

Robi offer those volume of myNet package →

4MB, 10MB, 25MB, 50MB, 75MB, 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1024MB, 1500MB, 2048MB, 3072MB & 5120MB

myNet package price highest to lowest of robi →

Robi internet package
myNet package price

Robi mobile internet package and bundle

Robi also has few internet packages, what are perfect to using on mobile. Because the packages are cheap, small and handy also. Price are stars from 3 taka. And those packages are under Robi mynet campaign. List of and price of those Robi mobile internet packages are given below.

Robi 3g internet package

Volume → Lowest – Highest

04MB →→ 2BDT – 3BDT

10MB →→ 5BDT – 7.5BDT

25MB →→ 10BDT – 18.BDT

50MB →→ 25BDT – 37.5BDT

75MB →→ 30BDT – 56.3BDT

100MB →→ 35BDT – 75BDT

250MB →→ 100 BDT – 165BDT

500MB →→ 165BDT – 175BDT

750MB →→ 240BDT – 270BDT

Robi 3.5G internet package and pricing

There is few large Robi 3G internet package are announced by Robi. Other small internet bundle is not perfect for official or group use. For heavy use try the large and faster Robi 3G package. Details are given below.

→ 2GB Robi internet | the bundle price is 265tk. It will validate for 28 days from the date of buy. To get the package dial *8444*85#.

→ 3GB Robi internet | the bundle price is 449tk. It will validate for 28 days from the date of buy. To get the package dial *8444*92#.

→ 4.5GB Robi internet | the bundle price is 596tk. It will validate for 28 days from the date of buy. To get the package dial *8444*4000#.

After over the validity, remaining internet will not add to a new package. But if the user will get a new package, before over the validity current Robi 3G package then it will be added will remaining internet.

You can also use Robi internet as you pay →

0.015 BDT per 1Kb

How to check remaining internet balance of Robi 3G pack

Checking internet balance is important for explore using internet facility. To check remaining internet data balance of any Robi 3G pack dial *8444*88#. It will not charge any cost.

How to stop or cancel or deactivate Robi internet auto renewal feature

Step #1:  Dial *8444# and press your mobile call button

Step #2: Select ‘Review Current Plan‘ from the menu and choose the plan you want to disable.

Step #3: Select your desired auto renewal package (4MB / 2GB / 3GB etc. Data serial number enabled on the data plan)

Step #4: You can press (1) ‘Temporary Cancel Plan‘ and (2) ‘Cancel Plan Subscription‘ from the menu.

Step #5: Answer 2, Cancel Plan Subscription, to cancel your plan permanently.


Note: If you cancel the ‘Plan Subscription’, you will not be able to reactivate the plan. Instead, you must repurchase plan again.

► Notes :

• 15% vat will cut when you turn on any packages

• After over any bundle, it may charge 0.1BDT per kb

• For internet settings just call *140*7*1#

• 3.5G Deactivation Code: *666*2#

More information about Robi –


Basically, all of Robi internet package and 3G bundle offer price we are given here, are without adding the charge of SD charge and Vat. According to the law of Bangladesh government, it will cut 22% more taka as Vat and the related charge. To know more leave a comment or contract with Robi helpline center.


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