Nokia p1 advantage and smartphone price in Bangladesh


The Nokia p1 was released last part of 2016. Fans of Nokia says that the father of mobile phone now on market. Nokia Bangladesh has a lot of fans of this mobile phone company. But still, they have many doubt the Nokia P1 price in Bangladesh and its advantage. Before on another article, I explain the details of the phone at At this period we are going to share the advantage of Nokia p1. To make clears there I going to add phone advantage. It will make clear your question that, why would you buy Nokia p1 smartphone.

Nokia P1 advantage and facilities

Nokia P1 price in bangladesh
Nokia P1
  • The large display is the first advantage of Nokia P1 smartphone. People are who love to play games on the mobile phone or loves to watching the video, they need the badly large display. And this way Nokia P1 is the correct selection for them. It has 5.5-inch display what are 408ppi and gorilla 3rd generation protection front side of the display.
  • People who love photography, Nokia P1 is a lovely offer to them. Because the front panel of this phone there is a 22.5-megapixel camera with many important pro modes. The main part is, its shutter speed are also improved than another phone on the market.
  • Connectivity is also improved like 4G, OTG, and other function.
  • Quad core 2.5GHz processor is working on the phone. It really makes the faster system on the phone.
  • Of course, the outlook is also eye catchy. On new Nokia P1 logo stays on the front button part of the phone.
  • There also a figure print sensor.

Nokia P1 price in Bangladesh

Bengali people makes the shout to know Nokia P1 price in Bangladesh recently. For your kind information, provide the information and other details before. If you missed the article then check from Nokia section of this side. But the price is pretty more than other foreign country. To have a better deal, wait few day. Because the price will go down after 1 month.


If you love apple then check iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh here. All Nokia P1 advantage are described in this article. Price in Bangladesh has also described the upper side of the article. This phone is the great offer at the second innings of Nokia mobile phone authority. To support our presentation, don’t go without share the site on social media network.


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