Nokia 3310 (2017) price in Bangladesh, Pakistan & Worldwide With Full specification


The original Nokia 3310 was introduced in 2000. They claim the highest position of bestselling cell phone all over the world. In consequence, they are going to lunch Its updated version Nokia 3310 reboot on April 2017

The Nokia Classic 3310 phone is back!

The Nokia Classic 3310 phone is back

Nokia was the ruling cell phone band all over the world. The reason lies behind this popularity is already known to you. The products of Nokia are easy and very comfortable in using. It proved its best of all other cell phones for its best quality services.

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But suddenly Nokia had fallen backward from the market with the introduction of some new featured cell phones. As a result, Nokia attempted to get back their market value with the windows phone. But it seems they were not as success as deserved or desired. But still, Nokia is a noticeable name on the market for is well designed and featured low priced mobile phone.

Nokia 3310 Reboot Releasing in Bangladesh/Pakistan & Worldwide

A huge number people of Bangladesh are the regular consumer of Nokia products, and the number is increasing day by day. As a developing country and as the majority of the country people are middle classed the popularity of low-priced multimedia Java phone has reached the highest peak. So keeping this grossing popularity in mind, Nokia also targets Bangladesh a suitable place for releasing their new model and featured phone. Nokia 3310 reboot is going to launch in Bangladesh on after April, 2017.  News for you that it was first unveiled in the HMD’s press conference at MWC 2017 on Sunday, February 26.

How much is the new Nokia 3310?

Nokia 3310 Lunched with Four Colors:

  • Warm Red (Glossy)
  • Dark Blue (Matte)
  • Yellow (Glossy)
  • Grey (Matte)

The price will fix in Worldwide Especially Europe market €49.I hope its Gradually reduced by its selling performance.

Nokia 3310 Reboot price in Bangladesh

It is very common that at the very beginning of releasing a new featured cell phone sold at its highest price. But New Nokia 3310 reboot will not possess a price that will out of your reach. The price will fix in Bangladesh approximately  4132 BDT to 5000 BDT. Don’t worry price will be reduced. Hope it will be able to make another blast all over the Bangladesh.

Nokia 3310 Reboot price India

Nokia Classic 3310 Launched With Long Battery Life & Digital Snake Game.The price will fix in India approximately Rs. 3,500 To RS. 4000. Gradually the price will be reduced by the Selling Performance. However, the official price will be announced when the new 3310 phone is actually launched in your Indian market.

Nokia 3310 Reboot price in Pakistan

It’s a Strong Phone Ever you Seen.Nokia 3310 launched with Powerful Battery Backup & Old Snake Game.The price will fix in Pakistan approximately 3,500 Rupees To 4000 Rupees. However, You will know actually price when the phone launched in your Pakistan market.

Nokia iconic 3310 Configuration and Details

  • Weight: The weight of this phone is 69.6 g with battery and very easy to carry. This light phone with some sweetest color going to dazzle you with it release on the market soon. The older one had so many border around the screen but this one is much more slim and pocketable.
  • Body: The body of this phone is constructed with plastic and it seems solid. In comparision with old one, it is difficult to say that which one is stronger. But the new one is not as weak as recent smartpohones. At lest it is guranted that if the phone is slipped from your pocket, It will remain as it was like the older one.
  • Keyboard:New Nokia 3310 Keyboard It is Nokia which can make you nostalgic by keeping aloof them from current trend and by utilizing the old trend in a new style in steeping the new era.  In this consequence Nokia new 3310 has brought the keypad phone instead of bringing touchscreen.
  • Display: One of the distinct distinguish of this iconic version with original one is it Display style. It has unique and incredible display structure. The display size is 2.4” QVGA (240*320) and color display compared with the 48*84 pixel resolution of the original. The original 3310 had not the display as it has. The original one had a small monochrome graphic display where the HDM possessed the wider display in the 21st century.
  • Colors: Multiple colors are available of this iconic cell phone. The outlook of this version is really attractive and like other Nokia cell phone. It can easily snatch your attention for its easy use and comfort caring. The catching and fetching colors and different outlook have made the cell enough sophisticated in comparison with the original one.
  • Storage: This the 30+os series of Nokia and it comes with 16mb storage. Nokia 3310 supported up to 32 GB external storage. The original 3310 had not the advantage of external memory and limited contacts and massage could be stored. But this updated version is fully featured with the advantages of dual sim card and external SD Card.
  • Battery life: The strongest feature of this version is its battery life as it has 1200 mAh battery and has the advantage of 22 hours of talk-time and in stand by mood it will last a month long. The original one had a 900 mAh battery life which lasted near about 55 hours and in stand by mood 260 hours.
  • LED torchlight:  Another advantage of Nokia iconic 3310 is having LED torchlight. This tool is really expected in any upcoming products but no phone at this cheaper rate having LED torchlight as it has. The original one had not the advantage also.
  • Camera: New Nokia 3310 CameraThe first 3310 came in 2000 when the manufacturers did not put cameras in phones. But this is 2017 and for keeping pace with the modern the new Nokia reboot phone has 2mp camera on the rear of the phone. Being a secondary smartphone it has not the flash, HDR, and panorama mood. But what it provides to you ? you have to admit that it is beyond your expectation. You can snap a more pics at a time and image quality is acceptable according what quality you expect from a low race camera.
  • Games:  yup, guys , You can play again the favorite snake game. The Snake will move smoother than the old one. This modern and young snake will make you typically tricky again with a new feature of the game. Apart from, you can install so many more games from internet which is a lack of the old and original Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 Reboot Mobile Full Specifications 2017

Released DateApril, 2017
ColorsWarm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte)
Size115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm
Network speed2G
NetworksGSM 900/1800 MHz
Operating systemNokia Series 30+
Internal memory16 MB4
MicroSD card slot Support for up to 32 GB
Connector3.5 mm AV connector
AppsFM radio, MP3 player
Size and type 2.4” QVGA
Primary camera2MP
FlashLED flash
ConnectivityMicro USB (USB 2.0), Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
Battery type  Removable 1200 mAh battery5
Max. talk timeUp to 22.1 hours
Max. standby timeUp to 31 days
MP3 playback timeUp to 51 hours
FM radio playback Up to 39 hours

Nokia 3310 Lackings

There must not have any controversy with the statement that this phone provides lots of advantage and feature at a cheaper rate which can not be provided usually by the other phones at the same price.  Users can not use 3g and 4g network system, wifi and other fasted media of browsing internet.

Final Word

Besides all this major features and advantage, some other remarkable advantage of Nokia 3310 Reboot. There are Bluetooth, call logs, contacts, opera web beowser and many more. But if we evaluate it as individual product of Nokia we can find some disadvancement or lackings of it.

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