IPhone 8 price in Bangladesh, specification and full details


People thought apple is not the best successful mobile phone selling company. But they are hugely popular and maybe top most popular company now a day. Question about iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh proves them. People of Bangladesh have few limitation to using expensive smartphone phone like apple. But they like to know about this device. The more attractive and advanced system will add on this phone. According to the news of most important international tech journal, this device will more thin then the last version. On this article session, we are going to present apple iPhone 8 full configuration and its price in Bangladeshi marketplace.

Apple iPhone 7 release date in Bangladesh: The iPhone 8 will come to the Bangladesh market in March of 2018. The Information is coming from Wikipedia. After 2 weeks the phone will available in Bangladesh market.

iphone 8 price in bangladesh | gaming look and front part
iPhone 8 gaming look

IPhone 8 price in Bangladesh overall

This device will come to Bangladesh after 2 or 3 three weeks of release. But people can pre-order before release. iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh will depend on many things like time, shipping cost and local Vat. The more time will pass after release, the more price will be less. And it happened with all other product what are available in Bangladesh market. On the international market, there will release 3 different (according to memory) kind of iPhone 8. The 32GB price 700$, 64GB price 900$ and 1280GB version price will 1200$. So Bangladeshi price will depend on memory compatibility. Without memory, other configuration will same.

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In Bangladesh iPhone 8 price of 32GB will 72,000 taka, 64GB version 82,000 taka and 128GB version will 1,15,000 taka. If you want to customize the color with gold plating, then the company will take more charge. Here I want to note that, the price of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ will now be same. That will be different. Because configuration is pretty different. After purchasing a product, apple will provide you on box an i8 device, headphone of apple, data cable and charging adapter. You will don’t get the extra battery on the box. Because there non-removable battery will add on phone.

IPhone 8 full configuration and specification

There every smartphone have both of positive and negative part. The configuration comes with both. Here on this part, we present iPhone 8 specification and phone configuration. The advantage and disadvantage will present on another part of this article.

Network: the network technology have been upgraded. There add 4G LTE besides the 3G and backdated GPRS facility. There also added UMTS and EV-DO. Other matters like Wi-Fi, hotspot, and Shiri is also available. The virtual assistant Siri will update on that version more.

Built quality: People are used to with this kind of matter that, all parts of iPhone are amazing. They use the better product to make satisfied to their user. There will user Adreno Series8XT GPU and 10nm A11 chips. The camera lance will take from Samsung and other product will build by apple.

Connectivity: The common matter is, iPhone does not connect with another brand phone on Bluetooth. Other connection options are available. HTML5 browser and a notification signal bar also there.

DisplayIt will be retina display and 5 inch, its 4K and protected from dust. Of course multi touch supported and eye gustier available.
CameraThe primary part of the camera is 16 megapixel. There a 8-megapixel camera for selfie on front part. There Optical image stabilization system also have. The special part of the camera of their 3D-4K image resolution system also have. This way people can say iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh is good enough. Other facility is there live photo, touch focus, face detector and HDR mood also have
Memory4GB large Ram. To store memory there are 32GB, 64GB or 128GB phone memory will give.
SensorFor the very first time there will add a biometric sensor on apple iPhone. On iPhone 8 there are SPO2, hear rate, barometer and compass also available.
Power and OSThere apple provide IOS 12. User can upgrade to IOS 13.2.0. There are a Non-removable 3000mAh battery.

There are 5 different colors of iPhone 8. You will get your favorite one by paying apple iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh. Those colors are jet black, Rose gold, gold, space gray and silver. The company will provide a warranty of a year with all kind of their apple product. The user interface also upgraded and more user-friendly.

iphone 8 price in bangladesh | front black look
iphone 8 front look

Key feature and advantage of this device

Apple iPhone 8 have few unique and attractive feature. From the prospective of Bangladesh all those features are totally new and on the below Tech99news.com given for you.

  • The 4K display is added on the phone what will deliver the super crystal image. For the game lover, it like something blessing.
  • There not only figure print scanner. There few more biometric scanner to make the device more high-tech like Retina scanner.
  • The camera also awesome. It will able to take the 3D image. But it will improve letter.
  • Display of the phone is totally dust protective. So the user can stay tension free to about her phone if it will fall on dust.
  • Built quality and design become more attractive. The phone will be handier to grab it.


Disadvantage: Now time to discussion. As usual, the price on iPhone 8 in Bangladesh is too much high. Most of Bengali apple lover can’t afford it. There will do not add any temperature sensor. The battery of the phone is better but it is non-removable. Like other product, it will do not connect with the non-Apple device via Bluetooth. And there is a weird and pretty much funny problem. that is, the smartphone company is people accepted company. That’s why after release their any device, it will copy of cloned by china. And over the day, when people go to market get their loving device, they become confused to think that, what is the real one.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Price BD

Among all, from the thinking of iPhone 8 price in Bangladesh market, it is a luxurious device and that are not for all. It just because of its expensive value. In BD there is huge a fan of the brand. But there is no official customer care of apple. They should pay attention about that. And we also pay a good luck to their upcoming all products.


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