How to set Teletalk FNF number easily


Setting FNF number in Teletalk is not that much hard. Now we are going to discuss about how you can set Teletalk FNF number easily. Follow those step below.

Teletalk FNF number
Teletalk FNF number

Setting Teletalk FNF number –

Subscriber can set FNF number by two way.

  • Dial – simply dial to 1515. After dialing you may follow the instruction what are they given.
  • Text – simply write “REG” and send to 363. After sending SMS you will get a reply back with instruction. Follow it.


Remove / delete FNF number –

Go to your message option and write “Del<>FNF number” send to – 363

It is like something that – “Del 015********” send to 363

Add number –

Adding number is similar job like removing method. Go to your message option and write “Add<>FNF number” send to – 363
Add 015********” send to 363


Check active FNF number list –

It is better important to check FNF list. To check the FNF list send “see” to 363


Note –

:: SMS and calling call will charged at regular value.

::: it will not take more than 71 to set Teletalk FNF number.

:::: if you have more question about setting Teletalk FNF number, please leave areply, or call to 1515 (charge applicable).


Another important information about Teletalk –


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