How to FNF in GP – add, change or remove any number from GP FNF list


GP always offer some enjoyable FNF package for their subscriber.  So it is very important information how to FNF in GP and the rules of add, change or remove the FNF number. Here we present all those thing properly.

how to add or change GP fnf
how to add or change GP fnf

How to add FNF in GP

It is pretty easy to do. First of all go to your message option of you r mobile phone and type the number (which number are you want to add with your FNF list) and send it to 2888

It is like “017********” & send to 2888

You can also add multiple FNF number by a single message. For this issue you should write all those number and give a space between two numbers. Then send the text to 2888.

It is like “017******** 017******** 017********” & send to 2888


How to add super FNF number in GP

The short name of super FNF is SF. So now to your SMS menu and type SF and give a space, then type the number. At last send the sms to 2888

Example – “SF 017********” & send to 2888




How to change FNF number from your GP FNF list –

Simply type the old FNF number and after giving a space type the new FNF number. Then send the sms to 2888

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Example – “017******** 017********” and send it to 2888

You can do it also by dialing on *111*2*1#


For changing GP super FNF –
it is also pretty similar with the previous rules.

SFC < space> the old SF < space> the new SF “send the sms to 2888


Check FNF list in GP –
Type FF and send it yo 2888



Notes –

– You can also add, or change all those FNF number by dialing on *111*2*1#
– All those SMS are charged 2 BDT with 15% vat


If you have more query about how to FNF in GP please leave a comment or call to GP customer care at 121 (.50 BDT per min)



More important information of GP –


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