All GP internet package, validity, and activation information


On present Bangladesh, Grameenphone is the biggest mobile phone company who regularly provides the internet and other telecommunication support. Even their services are pretty expensive and also better than other mobile operators. At current article, we are going to share you about GP internet package and full information, activation coder, price and other of those bundles. Subscriber and SIM user of the company will be pleased after reading this season. At the part, I want to add an information that, GP is the first privet mobile phone operator who private third generation internet. in fact, they also provide service to their user so much corporately.

GP internet package
GP internet package

GP internet package and list of bundles

Now all of the internet packages of Grameenphone are 3G. So it is not important to get 3G internet in a different way.

The Internet for mobile:

The company Grameenphone are arranged the mini internet package for mobile phone user. Those internet packages are better for using on the mobile phone.

4 MB – The bundle will give 512kbps speed. A cost will 2 taka. And it will validate for 2 days. Dial *500*80# to get the package.

75 MB – This package will also give 512kbps speed. Dial *500*59# to get the package. Validate for 5 days. And it will be charged 50 taka.

250MB – user will be able to get the internet package until 30 days. Dial *500*9*1# to get the internet package. It will cut 99 taka.

01 GB – It’s a monthly package. Price is 300 taka. Dial *500*57# to get the internet package. Speed will be 512kbps.


Heavy internet bundle:

Using the internet on Laptop or tablet computer is a common matter. For the issue, GP has few heavy internet package. Describe below.

2 GB – This is a monthly internet plan. There is two type of 2GB Grameenphone internet package. 1MBPS and 512kbps. 1MBPS price is 700 taka, to get dial *500*106#. 512KBPS price is 400 taka and dial *500*56# to get the package.

8 GB – As usual it is also a monthly internet bundle. Like 2GB internet, it has two type bundle. 1MBPS price is 1250 taka, to get dial *500*102#. 512KBPS price is 950 taka and dial *500*52# to get the package.


Social internet bundle:

Grameenphone offers you few internet package what are special for browsing the social site. Like Facebook or YouTube. You cannot unable to use another site by those internet balance.

Facebook – Use Facebook 1 day at 1 taka. 20MB internet. Dial *5000*19# to get the package.

WhatsApp – use 100 MB internet at 9 taka. Dial *5000*8*1*2# to get the package.


Few note you should follow-

  • All of the internet packages will provide 3G speed. And you should pay fully to get the packages.
  • If you have enough balance, then you will unable to get any of GP internet package.
  • It will charge 19% extra cost SD and vat purpose.
  • Remaining the internet will add the new bundle.
  • The user of Grameenphone will unable to get the internet at loan related balance.


The company will be committed to providing faster and great service. All of GP internet packages and bundles are pretty expensive. But their corporate users are being happy even with the price range. Probably they will found the 4th internet in Bangladesh at the very recent time.


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