Google glass 2.0 price in Bangladesh and detail


Google release there wonderful product google glass on 2012. After release the product they release its second version of the product, and they select its name as google glass 2.0. Recently it have huge popularity in Bangladesh and it became more popular for its some significant feature. Today we going to discuss about Google glass 2.0 and its current price in Bangladesh.

Google Glass 2.0
Google Glass 2.0 price in bangladesh

What is google glass?

Google glass is a product, what is presenting by google and look like a sunglass. But the different between normal sunglass and google glass is, there are a display what is play itself in front of your eyes and is have own operating system. Your few work like monitor your mobile, pc, office desktop are possible by the glass. And it is also smarter than other glass.

Feature of google glass 2.0

  • Display: there are a Prism projector, 640×360 pixels display and it is state in front of the right eye. The display have low reflective light system, and that will protect user’s eye.
  • Operating system: Google OS
  • Memory: the glass have 2GB Ram and additional 8GB flash memory. It does not support extra memory card or other expandable memory system.
  • Charging and battery: 570 mAh li-ion battery. It can back up the device more than 10 hours long. By the way it’s mass it 36 g only.
  • Camera: 8 megapixel camera improve its performance then its previous version.
  • Touchpad: there are a touch pad and it is state on the backside of glass frame.
  • Voice activation: there are an extra feature what is like Siri (it will use on iPhone 7 also) on google glass. It is voice activation. User can control the device by their voice command.


The price of google glass 2.0 in Bangladesh is 82,000 taka.


Actually the product almost change the experience of smart device. And also it make more easy way to monitor other device that we use on our regular life.


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