frequently ask question
frequently ask questions


1.Why I should visit this website?

-This website is for developing ideas about todays world of technology. In here you will be given information about latest technologies like smart phones,camera,gaming tools,cars and so on…
So visit our page and stay cool.
2.Can I buy any product from this website?
– Frankly, the answer is No. We dont have that authority to sell products but we can give you the prices and the links from where you will be able to purchase your willing products.
3.Are the posts of this website relevant or trustworthy?
-Of course. You can rely on this website from the bottom of your heart as we will give you the latest and updated news of any new product or price. Also you can help us by giving comment to specify exactly about what product you are willing to know. We will reply within a short period of time.
4.What are the criteria of this website?
-We will give you every latest news about the technology around your world. But you will get more news about smart phones,cars,bikes,cameras,laptops,tablet pc’s and this sort of electronic products.
5. How can I be benefited using this site?
-We are giving every latest news around the world in every hour so that you will be updated about them. Also you may get an idea about any product before you purchase it. Also we will give internet links to download your products.
6.What are the sources of your information?
-We are searching the sites of every company those make technological/elctronic items. Also we try to give yuo the every update they give or every possible update of any product. So all our information are based on very strong and trustworthy sites. That’s why visit us every day to be updated
7.Will you give any upcoming fetchers?
-Yes, our team is visiting and researching for every possible upcoming version of any technological product. So you will get every upcoming models and feachers of the products.
8.How I will be able to purchase products that you mentioned in your posts?
-Personally we dont sell products. But we will mention many possible links from where you will be able to purchase your products without being harassed.
9.I have a very little knowledge about technology, will this website be helpful for me?
– Yes, we will give every data that you want to know about any product. Also you can contact us or leave a comment. We can guarranty you that you wont be disappointed.