Banglalink super FNF package details and tariff update


Banglalink offer super FNF service for their user, and it is at chip rate. Today we go to show to Banglalink subscriber how to add, remove Banglalink super FNF package with its cost simply. Stay reading.

Cost of FNF number – 0.5 paisa per second will charged at 24 hours.

Banglalink super FNF package

Banglalink regular FNF package on / off method –

Method to add FNF number –
To add regular FNF number simply dial at the number that are given below
*166*11*your selected number#


Method to replace a FNF number –

It is also easy to do change a super FNF number in a step. Dial form your active banglalink number like below.
*166*12*old number*new number#


Method to add Super FNF number –

Dial to *166*7*selected number#. Only one number supported to add.

Method to replace your Banglalink super FNF number –

To add Super FNF number simply dial at the number that are given below
*166*8*old super FNF number*new number#


Method to check active FNF/ super FNF number list –

FNF number – *166*14#
Super FNF number – *166*10#


Note –

:: The process may take maximum 24 hour to add / remove Banglalink super FNF package
::: you can get support from Banglalink helpline. Simply call to 121 OR 01911304121. It will charged you at regular price.
:::: get help via SMS. HELP and send SMS


Check more information about Banglalink –


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