Asus VivoBook price in Bangladesh and full specification


Lots of people have the query to know Asus VivoBook price in Bangladesh and the details of the laptop. The main reason behind the query is the development of technology here. In the county, there is huge fame of the technology company. In this season we are going to share the Bangladesh price and specification of the ASUS VivoBook. Continue your reading below.


Asus VivoBook price in Bangladesh currently

Asus VivoBook price in Bangladesh

Actually, it is a core i7 computer. And all of the premium features are added here. After thinking all of this the laptop company fixed the price. In fact, the laptop is available in our country. Asus VivoBook price in Bangladesh is 45000 to 68000 taka. The price depends on , how much better processor you get. But the price will be few less or add, and it depends on selling point and season.


Full details of Asus VivoBook laptop

  • Display: It’s a 14.5-inch laptop. Display of the device is about 13 inches. Full HD LED Glare panel display. But none of the protection systems are not available here. The ratio of wide: height is 16:9.
  • Memory: 2.5” SATA hard disk are used on the laptop. Space of Hard disk is 500GB/32GB. Both of 2GB or 4GB Ram version are available on market.
  • Battery: Long lasting 44 Whrs Battery are given. Make by the polymer.
  • OS and processor: Build in genuine windows 8 pro. Core i3, i4, i5, i6 and the i7 process of Intel are available for the device.


Other feature of Asus VivoBook

As the cheapest there are Intel® Chief River HM76 added. Build in Bluetooth 4.0 and HD web camera are also detected on the device. There is Integrated graphic card are available.


The special feature of the laptop is the memory saving. When the battery is going to under 5%, all of running projects are saved by automatically. From all side, Asus VivoBook laptop price in Bangladesh is not too high. Because few of laptop have this much price in the same feature. Hope you will like the device. Otherwise, check another product review on our website.


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