Apple iPhone 11 feature, specification, price and full review


There are the rumor about iPhone 11 of apple. The electronic gadget builder company will bring the phone after release 10th version of iPhone. Day by day the phones become more specialized. 10 years ago people does not the thing that, there will be phone what will able to control by touch. But now a day everything is possible. In fact, mobile phones are can read your fingerprint by its sensor. IPhone 7 features will be more attractive with Ram more than 6GB. More bright camera what is able to capture curve image. The wireless charging technology becomes more high-tech. the IOS (iPhone operating system) will 18 and more attractive appearance will add.


In this apple session, iPhone 11 price and other facilities will unfold front of you. Hope apple fan will be happy and glad after read that information. But here I want to add few sentence. That all those information will may not hundred percent correct. That information is coming from few trustable source. And those are presenting to you.


IPhone 11 features and specification

On iPhone 11 probably there will be a large ram and few extraordinary feature. Those features what we have on the 7th edition of iPhone will be upgraded. Memory and advantage will be expanded.

iphone 11 prototype
A simple view of upcoming iphone 11
  • Network: HSPA speed will come with more than 10MBPS and it helps the phone to run various internet based program at a time. This phone will come to market with 4G LTE network. Faster OTG and OTI available. Display sharing network technology also was given. Apple to apple Bluetooth (light version). Wi-Fi and hotspot.
  • Memory: The larger ram will be another characteristic of this device. On iPhone 11 there will be 6GB ram and minimum 128GB phone memory available. As usual, those phone does not support external memory cheap. To make the phone faster there will be using DDR4 ram what will be performed 2.5GHz.
  • Hardware: it is the specialty of iPhone is that the company does not use others hardware. But recently they stats to use body parts of Samsung. A Quad core processor what is a combined of Hurricane and Zephyr technology at 3GHz speed will be used. To make the graphics output catchier, there company uses a 10 core (Power VR 7XT) GPU. The clock speed of the phone will be customizable. Hopefully, it will help to user to use the phone as they want.
  • The camera: A few days ago an officer of apple was said that they are working for the invention that kind of mobile phone camera technology, what are able to capture curve image. If they got success, then it will come to market with iPhone 11. 20 megapixels back and the 8-megapixel front camera will be enough to make satisfied to their user. Simultaneous 4k video will possible even via front camera. Voice camera on/off and other function like face detector, HDR and other are available.
  • Display: at the beginning part I say that there was an extra feature will be added. That is Wi-Fi display sharing. The screen will be 4.7 inches and it will Oleophobic system. It protects scratch and helps to reduce sunlight reflect. 220ppi and 1020 pixel resolution.
  • Battery: Because of its operating system and body specification, there does not need too much power. You can say that the phone need less power than android. There will be added the 3500mAh battery. As usual, it will non-removable. The wireless charging system will improve. You can charge fill up the phone in 5 minutes.
Camera20 megapixel back and 8 megapixel front
Display4.7 inch
Memory6 GB ram and 64GB phone memory
Battery2500mAh permanent battery


Operating system and sensors

All product of apple is operating by their own operation system. According to the flow iPhone 11 operating system will come to market with IOS 15th edition. Hopefully, its interface will be catchier than now. Here will use HTML5 or safari browser. Let’s come to the point of the sensor. Everyone know that apple provides a virtual manager of their phone named Shiri. The Shiri comes with the more attractive feature. Compass, temperature meter, 4th generation fingerprint scanner and barometer also.


IPhone 11 price in worldwide market

Apple lovers must be crazy to know about iPhone 11 price in international market. This company has an infamy that they get too much price for their product. For that issue, I can’t say that its price will flexible. The price will more than 700$ for primary version. Another price will depend on memory space, market, and color. Before release, they will start their pre-sell program. After release, the phone will arrive in another country in 7 days. In fact shopping mall and owner of mobile phone shops are crazy to add iPhone 11 on their own store. They will get the phone for personal profitable issue.

possible model of iphone 11
possible model of iphone 11

People are thinking that iPhone 11 will be a phone device what will be non-visible. And that is entirely false and it’s a rumor. Apple did not announce that kind of new. But it is true that they are really working hard to make the better product for their fans. Another product like iPad and MacBook are also awesome. If you missed them check them from now. Hope you are now going to share us on social network site. Good luck.


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