All Airtel FNF package and add, remove or change system


Airtel BD gives FNF offer to their user by various kind of Airtel FNF package. The most popular and important FNF package of this mobile company is DOSTI and SUPER ADDA. Here we present all those Airtel FNF system with detail, how to manage them, add-remove or change.

The chip and biggest Airtel FNF packages – DOSTI & super ADDA

airtel fnf package detail
airtel fnf package detail

DOSTI Airtel FNF package detail– 

→ This package offer you 5 super FNF
→ FNF will accepted with Airtel to Airtel and Airtel to other operator.
→ Airtel to Airtel super FNF charge .25 BDT/ min. Airtel to other operator charge .60BDT/ min.
→ Airtel to Airtel or other operator regular charge 1.29 BDT/ min
→ 10 sec pulse available


How to migrate to DOSTI?

Simply dial from your Airtel number *121*89# (charge free)

Super ADDA Airtel FNF package detail–

→ This package offer you 29 FNF number to your Airtel connection.
→ Airtel to Airtel FNF charge .30 BDT/ min. Airtel to other operator FNF charge .60BDT/ min.
→ Airtel to Airtel or other operator regular call charge 1.35 BDT/ min
→ User can enjoy 500 SMS and 5 MB data on this package at 5 BDT
→ 10 sec pulse was working

To migrate at the package dial *121*88#


How to add, remove or change Airtel FNF number

  • Check your fnf list by dialing at *121*4*4#
  • Add more FNF number to your list by simple dialing *121*4*1#. You can do the job by sms. Just send “ADD016********” to 7353
  • Remove any number to your FNF list by simple dialing *121*4*2#. Or you can send “DELETE016********” to 7356

Note –

→ User can enjoy those FNF call charge 24 hour
→ User can not enjoy daily cash back offer.
→ Subscriber can change their running package once a time in a week.
→ If you want to know more please call to 786 (charge applicable)


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